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What we do

Deep Green Space is a charity based in the bonny wee town of Dumfries in the south west of Scotland. 


We work with volunteers to garden up neglected areas of green space around the town.  We also hope to operate as a network to connect local gardening initiatives, of which Dumfries has many.  Our projects will use horticulture and garden design to reimagine town centre greenery.  Our aim is to get local people involved in some of the work to improve their local environment. 

We also want to work for bees and for birds and for butterflies in an attempt to plan urban spaces around ecological acts.  Good community gardening is a great way to connect people living in towns and cities to their local green spaces. With everyone being kept indoors for long periods of time during lockdowns, we need to find new ways of going outside and being in nature. 

We run volunteering to help people get exercise, socialise and eat nice food, do some good work in beautiful parks and public green spaces.


Get involved and help us transform Dumfries.    


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