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We have a philosophy

It's that, everywhere we look today, life-giving systems are in crisis. 

The climate, the soil, the coral reefs, the Amazon rain forest, farming, the water cycle, stressed brains: we all know the list goes on and on. 

And we're all implicated.  And so we all have a role to play in working out what to do about this crisis.  We think plants have a role to play.  

Deep Green Space is part of a growing awareness, of the need to come together in new ways, to keep relating to each other in nature to try to keep things flourishing. 

We want to see Dumfries transformed with happy, healthy people taking ownership and control of their lives, their neighbourhoods and their communities.  

So we don't think you should despair about the state of the world.  Deep Green Space is about the wonder of Plants.  There's so many ways of reimagining how a day can pass in the garden.  A horticultural approach is ripe for supporting a network of town centre-wide green projects and showcase spaces.  Volunteering with local gardening projects is a great way of bringing people together, actively participating in their environment. 


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